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Current Volunteer Tally Sheet

NHCA Volunteer Time...

The NHCA is a club with great members who are willing to help each other and their NHCA family.  The NHCA wants to continue to put on shows, keep costs effective and offer year-end awards to its members.  In order to do all this,  we will be implementing a requirement:  to be eligible for year end awards you will need to volunteer at the Club-run shows:   


        I.  NHCA members must have a minimum number of volunteer hours to qualify for year-end awards.

       II.  Individual members must contribute a minimum of 4* time slots at any NHCA   Club-run show in any cumulative increments.   Families must contribute a minimum of 6* time slots at any NHCA Club-run show in any cumulative increments. You must contribute to at least 2* shows.

           *HALF of a person's hours can be for non-NHCA club-run shows (i.e. if an outside club puts on an NHCA-pointed show) provided the volunteer is oserved assisting show management.

         III.  Hours can be donated by other members of the family or friends that are willing to work for you.  (Examples:  a 10 & under riders? parent may volunteer time for their child, a spouse may volunteer time for their significant other, a friend can donate time to a younger person or someone who shows in performance & speed and doesn?t have the opportunity to help  {but the time will need to be designated as such on the sign up sheet})

        IV.  Volunteers are responsible for signing the Volunteer Record on the day of the show in the show office in order for their time slot to count.  (E-mail, text or phone verification WILL NOT COUNT!)

        V.  If volunteer requirements are NOT met, an exhibitor?s year-end award will be forfeited and given to the next person on the list who met the volunteer requirements.  

      VI.  If weather should interfere with the amount of time NHCA members have in which to volunteer, the Board reserves the right to reduce the number of time slots required for the current show season.

      VII.  The volunteer hours must be completed at two or more shows. 



More volunteer opportunities available as other show dates arise.  Any questions contact a board member.  We are still looking for ways to improve the NHCA as an organization.  Every year we have fewer and fewer individuals and/or clubs that put on shows, so we if want to continue to see our organization grow and even stay active, we as an organization, need to step up and put on more shows and we can only do that with the help of the entire organization.