Nebraska Horse Clubs Association

  Open Horse Shows in Nebraska

2019 Shows...

**This is a volunteer opportunity for members towards year-end awards...we can use any and all help to make the show run smoothly! 

PLEASE NOTE------On the NHCA hosted shows---Please read the entire show bill to see what classes are offered on what day!


May 25-26: Fonner Park, Grand Island NE**  Showbill

May 27: Fonner Park, Grand Island NE, hosted by the

                      Nebraska Appaloosa Club Showbill

Ice Breaker Weekend May 25-27 High Point Overall All Around Saddle and High Point Age Division Buckles



June 8-9: Merrick County Fairgrounds, Central City, NE** Showbill

June 15: Sheriff's Posse Arena, Grand Island, NE** Showbill

June 22-23: Dawson County Fairgrounds, Lexington, NE **  Showbill

June 30: Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, NE** Showbill


July 28: Fremont, hosted by the Nebraska Pinto Horse Club Association Showbill    Halter Classes are NOT NHCA Pointed


August 10-11: Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, NE ** Showbill

Contact any NHCA Board Member to reserve your show date! 

Remember, your show date is not official until a show bill has been submitted to the NHCA board for approval!

Win or Lose

Don't lose sight of the fact that the horse show should be kept a sporting proposition.  It is a gentleperson's game.  If you aren't inherently a gentleperson, you should quit showing horses and take up something else.

There is really no place in the game for avaricious, grasping egotists. Be a good sport. If you don't

agree with the judge, forget it. There are other shows coming and maybe some day you will find a just that sees your horse as you do.We can't all win and we can't all agree as to which is the best horse.  The judge has been selected because he or she is an expert.  Take his or her decision in good grace and be a good sport, a gentleperson and a horseperson worthy of the title.

It's a great game for fine people and may the best horse win.