Nebraska Horse Clubs Association

  Open Horse Shows in Nebraska

Scholarship:   For more information, please contact a current board member for an application and requirements.

Membership Rules:

1.  Only NHCA members may compete for high point trophies or year end awards.

2.  Dues to Association are:

Before May 15:
 After May 15:
Individual --- $15
Family (household members only) --- $20
Individual --- $20
Family (household members only) --- $25

3.  Points will only count when membership dues are paid.


4.  When members pay their annual dues, a current family roster must be included (see the membership form).  This roster must be received by the NHCA Secretary before members can earn points. 

5.  Individuals who are of 19 years of age (as of Jan 1) or older and still living with parents will need their own (individual) membership.  They cannot be put on a family membership roster with their parents.

6.  If families get new members any time during the summer, their names must also be sent to the NHCA Secretary before the new member can start earning points.

    Membership Form & Waiver or the

 Membership Form & Waiver (Fillable) Form

 *** Please mail form and waiver to : 
      Syndee Adams
      515 M St.
      Aurora, NE 68818

7.  When you pay your membership and show at your first show of the season, you will be assigned an exhibitor number.  This exhibitor number is your number for the ENTIRE SHOW must take care of it as another number will not be given to you.  If you have a favorite number, you can pay $10 at the time you pay your membership to secure your favorite number as your exhibitor number (as long as it is a number within your age's number series).

 The following exhibitor numbers will be used by NHCA Members only...remember, there is a $10 fee if you want to choose your own number.

Exhibitor Age:
Number Series:
10 & Under
 100 - 199
 11 - 13
 200 - 299
 14 - 18
 300 - 399
 19 - 39
 400 - 499
 40 & Over
 500 - 599